Our Focus:

Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) focuses to empower the marginalized communities on fundamental rights, particularly of religious minorities, women and children so to enable them to live a dignified life.

HRFP conducts and facilitates the human rights education of target groups about their constitutional, legal, social, political & economic rights. The organization sensitized the duty bearers about their responsibilities/legal binding to ensure the rights of the marginalized communities.

HRFP educates the masses through conducting awareness seminars, training workshops, public forums, dissemination of human rights based IEC(Information, Education and Communication) material, organizing press conferences, sit-in and demonstration activities to protect and promote human rights of target groups.

HRFP provides Free Legal Aid for access to justice to the victims of human rights violations in Pakistan. HRFP has provided free Legal Aid Assistance to the number of individuals/groups/Authorities communities that have faced extreme human rights violations on the basis of their religion, belief/faith and gender.

HRFP performs Monitoring, Documenting and Reporting of human rights violation across the country by conducting Fact-finding Mission Trips to the areas/localities where the incidents took place. The primary facts, findings, conclusions and recommendations collected by HRFP are highlighted with national and international government/authorities/ human rights forums to influence legal and policy reforms for the better well-being of religious minorities, women, children and marginalized groups.

Target Group:

Thematic Areas:

HRFP is dedicated towards restoring basic human rights & fundamental freedoms of the vulnerable communities’ particularly religious minorities, women, youth & children. HRFP’s intervention is unambiguously focused in the promotion, protection & implementation of social, political, religious & constitutional rights of the less-privileged people.


Fact Finding Reports :